Monday, March 4, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner.

friday i hosted my first formal dinner party. i have cooked for friends and family countless times, but it has always been casual and typically impromptu. friday, in an effort to one-up my competitive bff mal, i hosted her and our friend alt and their lovers for dinner. confession- this is the first time in my life i set the table for anyone other than my immediately family. typically, i go potluck when cooking for large groups of people. mainly because we have a small table and only own four chairs. sitting on the couch is basically mandatory. this time, however, i went all out. unbeknownst to my parents, i have their folding chairs and never plan on returning them. sorry, mom.

the only thing more difficult than picking a menu was narrowing down which serving pieces to use. fortunately for me, i am the proud owner of a plethora of beautiful platters, bowls, and no less than five cheese boards.

after consulting just about everyone i know, and forcing esteban to answer questions honestly about my cooking skills, we settled on a menu:

artichoke bruschetta (homemade)
cheese plate
chipotle salsa

salad: arugula with shaved parmesan, heirloom tomatoes and avocado

Main dish:
pesto chicken
truffle parmesan risotto

dessert: chocolate bomb cheesecake a la alt

in case the food was subpar, my defensive strategy was to fill cozytown with as many bottles of wine that i could carry home. nothing like waking up to a warning from your bank that your alcohol spending is excessive this month. (this really happened)

the pesto chicken was a suggestion from my cyber bff, jordan. she is a pretty fancy person and i knew i could trust her to recommend something delicious, simple to prepare and impressive-looking.

i realize my photography skills are subpar, and i failed to take pictures of any of the food. youre just going to have to trust me that everything looked and tasted delicious. i always get nervous cooking for other people. esteban is pretty much the easiest person to cook for. he hates most vegetables, but legitimately enjoys everything i cook for him. i have never met a less discerning diner. it was nice to see other people eat my food and not hate it. am i the next kristin kish? probably not. but i do not send people home with food poisoning. and that is something i am very proud of.

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  1. looks AMAZING and i am so flattered you mentioned me in a blog post with kristen kish. INTERNET BESTIES FOR LIFE.