Monday, February 18, 2013


my favorite part about commuting and traveling is reading books. lots and lots of books. twenty-thirteen has been very good to me thus far. i have read some amazing books. i judge books based on whether they force me to laugh or cry while riding the subway.

my favorite books of all time:
1. a long ways gone. ishmael beah.
2. is everyone hanging out without me. mindy kaling.
3. the happiness project. gretchen rubin.
4. harry potter 1-7 j.k.rowling.

amazing books ive read so far this year:

1. once we were brothers. ronald balson.
2. the lost wife. alyson richman.
3. apron anxiety. alyssa shelasky.
4. dark places. gillian flynn.

similarly to how i feel about reality tv stars, the characters in books often become my friends and i begin to speak about them as if i have known them for years. therefore, it is typically helpful if esteban and everyone else in my life is reading the same books as me. random fact- i once tried to start a book club but it failed miserably. its so tough to find avid readers in their mid twenties who are looking to engage in synchronized reading. i tried to join my gramma's book club, but they meet on tuesday afternoons. which is unfortunate because i am currently not in a position to retire and live a life of leisure and book clubs. bummer.

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  1. I know this is a super-old post, but I just got to it today and wanted to tell you that I'm the exact same way you are with the crying on the subway. The laughing is good, too. But I prefer the crying. I actually just finished that Mindy Kaling book and did laugh out loud a few times on the bus; it also inspired me to want to make lists on my blog. I'm currently reading Peter Heller's "The Dog Stars" and am basically crying every single day on the subway, so I have to recommend that to you. Gonna check out the books you recommended now.