Thursday, January 10, 2013


in important news, destinys child is reuniting. i cannot wait. seriously. i love destinys child. a lot. they are super fun. and embody some of my favorite things. wearing coordinating outfits. (see the above picture of esteban and i in front of the white house.) cheerful melody. beyonce. synchronized dance moves. songs with repetition- say my name, survivor, bills, bills, bills. 

this morning bhb posted the above music video and it was just too good not to share!

ps. i would like to say that esteban loves me so much that he willingly matches my outfits and indulges whatever theme i deem appropriate. but he doesnt. i tricked him into wearing the red shirt in the above picture. and have to pick out his shirt and THEN change into my shirt if i ever want us to walk out the door matching. sorry im not sorry. we look like a power couple when we match.

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  1. I would post a comment if I could stop laughing.